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This page constitutes the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for as well as any pages managed by George Pafundi and his associates.
Privacy policy
We respect your privacy.
Any and all information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties or reused without your permission.
Terms of Use
The Provider agrees to allow Subscriber to connect to computing facilities at Subscriber’s site to Provider’s computing facilities and to transmit data over the Network, and/or Subscriber’s data on Provider’s computers, in accordance with the terms of these Subscription rules and the Provider’s Acceptable Use policy which follows: a. Any traffic, which is disruptive or destructive of any source, is absolutely prohibited and cause for immediate termination without notice. This includes unsolicited electronic mail (SPAM). b. If any data from any source leaves the Provider and enters any other network, that data must follow the acceptable use rules of the entered network (including member networks, regional or backbone networks). It is the responsibility of the Subscriber where this traffic entered the Provider to meet this requirement. c. Provider specifically prohibits any use or display of data or information, which could be viewed as sexually explicit or obscene. d. The Subscriber cannot compete with the Provider. e. Any illegal acts are prohibited. f. Subscriber is to be the sole recipient of funds. The Subscriber may not collect funds on behalf of others. g. The Subscriber’ s bank account designated at time of sign-up will be the account of record. h. The Subscriber shall be responsible for any entries that may cause an account not belonging to the intended party to be debited, or an account to be debited which was not authorized by the account holder. The Subscriber will initiate a reversal of such entry as soon as possible. Provider shall be subrogated to the rights of Subscriber if Subscriber cannot or will not indemnify Provider due to any wrongful act of a customer of Subscriber. i. The Subscriber acknowledges that they are using services of Provider for the benefit of the company named on the application form. Provider shall make services available only to the company represented by Subscriber on the original application form. Using the services of Provider for more than one company or business or re-providing services is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the terms and conditions set forth in 1(a) through 1(i) by Subscriber will subject Subscriber to IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION at Providers discretion, of the services rendered by Provider
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