Electronics Projects

These are a number of Electronics Projects Designed while at

ITT Technical Institute in Boise, Idaho as well as on my own.


Digital Clock  – This project was assigned for our Digital II Class.

The parameters were to use only basic logic, Divide by counters, Flip-Flops I.C.s, and BCD Decoders for the Seven Segment Displays.  (No Clock I.C.s were allowed) The project needed to be driven by plugging it into the wall outlet to use the 60 Hz signal as a timing source then transformed down to 12Volts AC, then regulated, rectified and cleaned to produce a digital signal.  The clock had to have hours and minutes displayed (seconds was optional)  Time had to be in 12 hour increments with an AM/PM Indicator.  The resulting clock (shown) was accurate to within 2 minutes and was very functional.  Hours and minutes were displayed as well as an AM/PM Indicator on the bottom left of the Hour display.  It also had a blinking LED for the seconds.  Time was set by first disabling the clock by moving a toggle to the set position and then by pressing a button.  I installed a De-Bouncing circuit to control any spurious signals.


Digital Clock Close Up – I designed the circuit from scratch and also did all CAD work.

FM Transmitter

The device worked in the frequency range of 96.3 MHz to 103.5 MHz.  The range was only about 45 feet, but The signal was clear in a shielded lab environment.  Power was supplied by a regulated 9Volt battery.  The intelligence came from an IPOD or Zune MP3 Player.



Another photo showing the top view of the FM Transmitter.

(My soldering skill has improved)


Band Pass Filter

Clean… Simple… Efficient.Multiple circuits were designed to accommodate different frequencies for a guitar tuner.       

GSR Sensor on Board


IPv4 to IPv6

This was a presentation I did about the protocol changes from IPv4 to IPv6.  I reviewed the header characteristics, router and flow control systems, and the advantages of the new protocol.  I also discussed tunneling methods and the need for legacy hardware during the transition.  November 2009

Main Bench

Logic Bench

This is my home Lab.  Most of the equipment was damaged or not working and had to be repaired.  Repairs required circuit analysis, testing, soldering, part replacement, and calibration.





GSR Control System (Associate Level Capstone)


This was a capstone project midway through the Bachelor’s program.  I worked independently without a partner and developed a method for reading a person’s electrical resistance, transmitting the signal, wrote a program for a Programable Logic Controller (PLC) and controlled a number of lights and a radio with the signal.  The system worked flawlessly and I received a 100% for the project, the presentation, and the associated report and documentation.


GSR Sensor and Control System shown with me just out of frame.

This shows the entire project and associated meters used for the display.


GSR Sensor and Relay

with a small load included for the dislpay schematic




Analog to Digital Converter and Frequency Counter

(We were assigned this project for two classes; Devices II and Digital Electronics.  This was my first major project using Integrated Circuits.  I learned a great deal in these courses and was able to apply that knowledge to making a very accurate and functional Frequency Counter.


I learned how to separate signals using gates as well as the effect of Hysteresis on “LS” chipsets.  My solution to the problems was pioneering for all others in the class and as a result, I was able to assist other students in gaining an understanding of how to design and build a complex circuit.


I received a 100% on this project and an A in the class.)



Project Operating within 2% Deviation       Me with the project

Operating Frequency Range 2- 99 Hz               In the Lab


(The circuit was more accurate with the higher frequencies primarily due to the IC’s I had to use.  Many chips were rated for slower speeds, so I had to design the circuit to compensate for this issue.  This was a great educational project for me.)


Close up of Operational Project


Frequency Counter Project Schematic