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In the dark

“Then you got to get sent to a slam, where they tell you you’ll never see daylight again. You dig up a doctor, and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs.” ~ quote from Pitch Black 2000

Squirrel – Ready for Winter

All ready for winter!

Back yard… Well fed… Squirrel.

I’m a FOX

Look at me!  I’m a fox!


This fox was hanging out in the day by one of my construction sites.  He or she didn’t seem too concerned with my truck.

Fun & Eccentric

Men’s Shower Products

Women have their bath products, now we MEN HAVE OURS’!

Batman’s Driver’s License Test

Just for fun…

Have you ever wondered how Batman would do on a Driver’s Test?

Using X for the unknown variable

TED talk on using “X” for the unknown variable

Here is an interesting short talk on why the letter “X” is used as the symbol to represent the unknown in everything from algebra to the “X-Files”.

Social Science


Make a battery from copper coins

Check out this video on how to make a battery from Copper coins and a few items from around the house.


Smith & Wesson Performance Center

It’s not enough to have a well designed pistol.  You need the parts fitted correctly and this video from the Smith & Wesson Performance Center does a great job of showing how it is done.  Enjoy!

M1 Carbine Operation Video

This is a great video I found on the LongIslandFirearms.com Forum.

Have you ever wondered how a gun works?  This is an interesting video that, while old, is an excellent tutorial for basic training on the rifle.  While different guns vary their methods slightly, the basics of how the mechanical engineering and physics remain the same.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Shopping Cart App

Here is an idea…

We could create a site that reports and tags bad shopping carts.

Then we’ll have an App helps you mark, report, and ID each bad cart.

We’re not here to judge, just inform.  You decide what stores and carts to use.

It’s not me…

Can’t we all just get along?

Conspiracy Theories

What’s going on with the NFL?