Born in Queens, NY, George was raised in the world of construction and constantly traveled due to his father’s career as a leader in the Restaurant, Hotel, and Retail business.  Having  attended the University of Pittsburgh and received two degrees; A Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, George went back to the family business of building Restaurants and Malls from Washington, DC, to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Boston as well as in many Mid Atlantic locations with Tenant Contractors, Inc.

Years later, George decided to enter the Residential construction world and started his new career off with the tenth largest builder in the United States, Toll Brothers, Inc. He worked there as a Superintendent until he was offered an opportunity in the Mid West with Indianapolis based Melody Homes, Inc.   George was responsible for construction in the East and South Eastern parts of Indiana for Melody until a wonderful opportunity was offered to him with Biltmore Homes, Inc.  Biltmore was in need of a Construction Manager to run all their operations in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Chicago, IL areas. He couldn’t resist the challenge! George was able to completely rebuild the construction, design, accounting, and sales departments in less than One year. He led Biltmore Homes to an entirely new level.

It also lead him to meet his wife, Tobey, who is amazing in her own field as a CPA, with a specialty in Real Estate. Tobey was born and raised in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and is a Hoosier through and through. She was working for Simon Properties whom George had an extensive history with while working in the Commercial Construction world, yet he never met or spoke to her. Was all this a coincidence???

An old friend called George one day from Americraft Homes, Inc. in Utah. They wanted a Regional President for a start-up, up-scale, home building company. George accepted the challenge and kicked off Lexington Homes in the Salt Lake City market. The owners of the company asked George if he would be willing to re-locate to the Boise, Idaho market and bring the Americraft product there. George once again, accepted the challenge!

In the Treasure Valley, George found a very different market. He soon discovered that he would need to start a Real Estate company, Spectrum Realty, in order to promote the Americraft product. He also found a chance to learn about the mortgage and finance world by joining up with Ace Mortgage out of Pocatello, to provide financing for customers. One thing led to another, and he found himself kicking off a whole new concept with the Treasure Valley Homebuyer’s Association (TVHBA). This, coupled with Spectrum Realty, turned out to be a huge success. In its first year, TVHBA was able to help almost one hundred fifty families get into homes who thought they would never be able to have a home! George quickly became a Buyer’s Agent and advocate with the goal of helping people attain dreams.

Soon Americraft and Production Home Building had to be let go in order to concentrate on Helping Buyers and Sellers as a Real Estate agent. George had found something he loved to do and customers who loved him for it!

Seeing that his future would lie in Real Estate, George helped bring AllPro Realty Group, Inc. into the Idaho market which recently became Silvercreek Realty Group.

Now, he specializes at finding the Right Buyers for the Right Homes, and the Right Homes for the Right Buyers through his real estate practice found on His extensive experience helps all his customers attain their goals, whether it be helping them market and sell their home or helping a customer buy their first or fifth home.  Often times his customers want a custom home and now he has a company that specializes in helping them with that goal with PMG Homes.   He knows it is his customers that have made him one of the most successful and respected agents and builders in the Treasure Valley, and he continues to commit himself to being one of the most progressive and supportive Real Estate Professionals in the valley.

As a result of market fluctuations in the Real Estate and Construction business, currently, George has chosen to add to his credentials by continuing his education. Although he already has degrees in Psychology and Economics, he has recently achieved a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology at ITT Technical Institute. He has been on the Dean’s List and Maintained the highest academic standards while also working and holding the position of President in the student organization of the Electronics Technician’s Association.

Currently, George is the CIO of Silvercreek Realty Group ®, the largest and fastest growing real estate brokerages in Idaho.  He has been with Silvercreek® since its inception and is excited about his current and future role with this vibrant and innovative group.

Over time, Silvercreek Realty Group ® evolved to become the largest Real Estate organization in Idaho.  George evolved with them and took on the responsibilities of C.I.O.   This gave George the opportunity to both apply the electronics engineering knowledge he was gaining while in school, as well as gaining an critical understanding of systems such as SQL, M-Files, Software Engineering, Programmable Logic Controllers, Building Management Systems, Security Systems, Corporate Servers, and Advanced Document Management Hardware and Programs.


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Business history…

George decided to create a company that would specialize in customer’s needs in early 2001.  He had been running other people’s companies as an employee for years and believed it was time to help individuals as well as companies from a consultant position.

Since then, he has been building homes, helping customers and clients purchase and sell property as a Realtor(R) , designing and administrating computer networks, and generally supporting people’s needs through his unique network of professionals.

His business is based on flat fees and as such there are no surprises or markups on subcontractors.  This allows him to offer products and services at remarkably low fees with the highest level of professionalism and quality.