There are people out there with Computer, Network, and IT skills, but few have the extensive business consulting experiences in numerous industries such as Construction, Sales, and Real Estate, as well as degrees in Electronics & Communications Engineering Technology, Economics, and Psychology.

I listen to client needs and wants to help you create realistic goals that will integrate with your operations.  Then I do my best to design systems that meet those parameters.

Below are some examples of the various projects I have worked on.



Start with a new computer, build it from scratch, or just customize what you already have.  Its more than just putting parts together… you need to understand voltages, currents, and power requirements, protocols, operating systems, and hardware specifications.  I can help.

You have to have more than great servers and central hardware.  You also need client equipment and interfaces that help them use all the technology that you provide to them.  Multiple monitors, ergonomic work spaces, and simple login procedures go a long way to facilitating a quality work environment.



SQL and Firebird Databases, Server 2003 through Server 2008 R2, Active Directory Management, GPO, Domains, IIS, Virtual Environments from Microsoft and VMWare,  Internet Group Management for Software, FTP, Hot Swappable RAID Arrays, various company wide systems such as Fax Servers, Print Servers, and SMTP Servers, and Backup and Fail over systems.



Static and Dynamic systems, Port control, SSL, IPV4 and IPV6 Dual Stack Systems, Remote Desktop Terminal Services, and fully integrated domain office structures with multiple sub-nets.  I also have extensive experience with the network integration of Xerox, Kyocera, and Ricoh Multi Function Printers, Scanners, and Fax Systems.

<<<There’s a Dialogic (TM)  fax card in here!

Rack Systems

You’ve got to have a place to put everything and a rack system is a good start.  Be it a single computer, server, blade systems, or fully integrated networks, I have the experience you need to design and build a quality integrated network.



VOIP is here to one degree or another, but the real key is integrating the analog phones with T1 and PRI systems available from the phone company central office. I’ve installed and run systems as simple as basic phones up to telnet controlled C.O. Splitters, Digital Fax Servers, and Partially Integrated Remote VOIP Networks.



Today’s Security is about people.  Our Networks can automate security for the web, but real security will always come down to the buildings and the flow of people.  I’ve worked on and managed SQL database security systems such as Ingersoll Rand and Schlage RFID building integrated systems. These systems can control who can come in the buildings as well as what and when they can access partitioned areas.  To reinforce these systems, additional levels of subsystems for video surveillance, monitored anti- back pass, alarms, and specific control over door locks, elevators, and even bathroom facilities can be setup for automation to ensure levels of safety.


Control Systems

Everything… from when the doors and elevators can unlock and operate to HVAC, Lighting, and Water Fountain systems can be designed into a PLC for building automation.  I’ve programmed, implemented, and maintained the systems for a number of companies.  While every one of them is different, I have always adapted quickly and even developed my own methods for efficient operations.

These systems reduce the necessary building operations people such that real cost advantages can be realized.  The real key, however, is being able to operate one such that it is invisible to users.  That is always my goal.  One added benefit of such a system is energy efficiency.  Turning on lights only when you need them and being able to control exterior lighting based on conditions and varying time of the year can drastically shape your operational expenditures for the better.

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