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The Links below are among George’s
Business and Personal favorites.  Enjoy!

Personal and Business Suggestions

Electronics Technicians Association (ETA)

ITT Tech ETA Chapter 71 Electronics  Technician’s Association website. Check out our leadership, activities, educational opportunities, and fund raisers.

My Construction and Real Estate Company

Silverceek Realty Group

Silvercreek Realty Group is the largest Real Estate Brokerage in the State of Idaho.  We span more Multiple Listing Services, have more Agents, and are the fastest Growing company of our kind in the state.  For my part, I am the CIO and a Licensed Real Estate Agent for the company.

Treasure Valley Homebuyer’s Association. An association I started for the sole purpose of educating first and second time home purchasers on how best to negotiate the world of real estate and finance.

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity

My Brothers.  My Friends.  My Fraternity.

General Services For Customers

Digital Fax Service

Offered For Silvercreek Agents & Employees

Silvercreek Database Link

Silvercreek M-Files Database Access

Silvercreek Toolbox

Agent ToolboxSilvercreek Forum & Blog

All Silvercreek Realty Group’s tools in one place

Professional Management Group, LLC. Resources

Work Agreement

This is my PMG Letter of Understanding for I.T. Services

Why Should You Upgrade Your Operating System and Virus Protection

This is a good article with seven steps to safer computing.

 Links to Sites I like for Technology or General Information


This is a great site for Technology Reviews for the average person.  It also is loaded with links to software. You can get reviews on consumer itemsin terms you will find helpfull.


A site for the Technical Professional.  If you like real detail on your tech, check this one out.

HardOCP Technology Testing and Review    Tom’sHardware Technology Testing and Review (more technically oriented)

NASAThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble’s Got You!

SpeedTest.netOne of the few Internet Connection Speed Tests that I find to be reliable.  Check out the link for Ping test to see your Latency and Jitter.